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Take advantage of the daytime to choose a good fishing position

. Choose when there are small storms. The second is to like to forage at night. Eat less hooks). Choose a sea pole with a length of about 3 meters, no longer than 3. 8 high-quality nylon thread for the main line, about 100 meters. Select miscellaneous places. So choose the best bait. Multi-pole throwing can be used, such as 3 groups of fishing methods, that is, one group of far, middle, and near 3 rods, 3 far, 3 middle, and near 3 rods.

Try to choose a deeper place on the uneven seabed. All kinds of boats on the sea often go out to sea along certain routes, and the places they pass are generally deep and often slip. When the north wind is reduced to level 5 6, the evening is also the best wild fishing, which is hard to find. Then you can ask the fisherman at the seaside. Choose 5;No. If the fish situation is not good, you need to close your poles in time. After entering the severe winter, it is one of the only two species that can be fished near the coast of our region (the other is the flounder), and it can be caught as long as it does not freeze.What we call fat head is goby.

Take advantage of the daytime to choose a good fishing position and fully consider the impact of tides, leaving a safe passage. Due to the influence of the topography and landforms in the sea, some places can form small sea slip areas, where the water is deep, the temperature is high, the oxygen is sufficient, and the food is abundant, and they also become good fishing spots. There can also be slips between the reefs, and here is also a must-see for anglers.   

3.2 meters, and fasten a 70-100g lead sinker at the lower part, and put 3 stainless steel beams on it, each end of each beam is tied On a hook, fasten a stainless steel figure 8 connecting ring pin to the largest end of the fishing set. However, it is difficult to catch flounder with big hook and big bait (because the body of the flounder is small), so if it is not dark, you should use a small hook (below 10) to fish for flounder. The above four are good times for night fishing. Tidal waterfoot fish are active. Secondly, identify the depth through the trial fishing-listen to the sound of the fishing group entering the water, and see the frequency of the fish biting the hook. If there is no fish bite, you have to re-choose a spot and repeat the above action. The effect is also acceptable. Immediately put on the big hook bait at sunset. Choose the tide season.

Choose the matching wheels. Be sure to use a large piece of bait to pierce the hook, and then move the hook a few times to expose the hook tip, so that it is easy to stab the fish. Don't fall in love with war. Sea Goby Fishing Skills Two and Four Selection of Suitable Fishing Spots fishing line spoolers The distribution of fathead fish in the sea is extremely uneven. In short, keep safety in mind. Night fishing also has to choose two periods of rising and falling tides.   

Sea Goby Fishing Skills Three or Four Selection of Matching Fishing Gear This method is suitable for fishing where the seabed is flat and unobstructed. The connection method is: take a section of No. Naturally, there will be more opportunities to fish. It is necessary to organize the fishing position during the day and choose fishing spots that are not hooked or lightly hooked.   

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The method of hanging from the tail is often used

   In addition, because of different types of sea fishing bait, the way of hanging the bait is also different. In summer, store it in a dry towel with ice cubes underneath (the ice cubes and towels are separated by waterproof plastic cloth), which can generally ensure 24 hours of freshness. The freshness of the bait directly affects the fishing effect. When fishing, they can be taken as soon as they are used. , Affect the fishing effect. Fasten the lid of the fresh-keeping box.   

Before fishing, use fresh small fish, small live crabs or small shrimps to soak in the mashed slurry before fishing. Use pickled products or alcohol soaked products for fishing bait, such as sandworms, rock worms, etc. In spring, autumn and winter, you can wrap it in a dry towel and box it for fishing. For boat fishing, live fish can be directly put into a small hole in the net bag and sunk into the sea for storage. The preservation method of live fish is stored in a small bucket with aeration pump available in the fish market or fishing gear market, and keep the corresponding water temperature. sandworms, rock worms and other fishing baits are usually pierced from the head about 5 mm from the head, and then go up the hook shape to the handle of the hook. How to preserve rock worms Wash the undamaged whole rock worms excavated or purchased with sea water and drain them.   

The fishing club believes that the most important thing is to adapt to local conditions and not change everything. When using live shrimp as bait, the method of hanging from the tail is often used. This kind of preservation method keeps the live shrimp in a 'half hibernation' state. You can catch half a small fish and a whole one for big fish. Fishing clubs, and before loading the bait, the tail of the shrimp must be pinched to prevent the live shrimp from rotating or falling off due to the force of the tail after entering the water. Take a small bucket of clean sea water, and keep 0.   

From this point of view, there are many different types of bait for sea fishing, and each is different. The hooks are also relatively good. Take a towel soaked in sea water and wrung dry, open all the flat bottles, arrange 7~8 live shrimps on each layer, then cover the towel with other fishing products a layer, fold the towel and arrange the live shrimps again, and finally use the remaining Cover all the towels (generally, a towel is more than enough to store 500 grams of live shrimp).   

Using small live fish as bait, the hook should be lightly pierced into the skin under the dorsal fin of the small fish so that it can swim freely to lure the big fish to swallow the hook.In addition to the differences in fishing methods, such as deep-sea trolling and 'luya' fishing methods that use similar bait fishing methods, most of the fishing methods use live marine animals as bait. The bait is selected properly and the bait is correctly placed is often half the battle!. The shrimps are still alive after entering the sea. That is, an ordinary foam fresh-keeping box is provided, and two bottles of mineral water frozen into ice are placed at the bottom of the box.   

The preservation method of live shrimps In addition to storage in a small bucket with aeration pump, another effective method can also be used for storage. This method generally guarantees 6 to 8 hours of survival.5 kg of silkworms per kg of sea water, and keep the water temperature between 8℃~12℃. Convenience. When fishing, take out and drain the water, wrap it in a dry towel and put it in a small wooden box, which will last longer. Take it as you fish, convenient and practical. Seawater storage method can also be used if convenient. The method of preservation of sandworms is the same as that of rockworm preservation

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Choose a rod to be both soft and hard

There is no fixed method of fishing. The source of black pit fish is complicated. The bait is delicious, not just the taste, the main thing is that the state of the bait is more important. As a result, there has been a phenomenon that most people 'whiteboard' when 'the air force'; a small number of people catch less and less; individual merfolk get a lot of money (good fishing masters who are good at resolving black pit problems).   

In the fishing club, the density of black pit fish is small, uneven distribution, and the fish situation is more complicated. Or Three Into the Palace. It is very practical to run lead and catch big fish. Tips for preparing for the black pit: 1.Black pits are now various phenomena   

If the bait is wrong, it is impossible to catch more fish, but the bait is indeed the most difficult to determine. When fishing, choose a rod to be both soft and hard. The fish in the pit includes both local fish from Beijing, as well as fish from Tianjin, Hebei, and Jiangsu. For pits that are charged per day, nesting and the use of bloodworm fishing are generally not allowed.

Play with more fishing rigs of different line numbers, so as not to change. Tips for preparing for the black pit China Wholesale fishing line spooler ManufacturersTherefore, how to make a bait suitable for the taste of the fish is quite a brainstorm. During the disinfection process, make a little bit of 'Mao Greasy', and the fish will be fainted by the smoke.   

Observing the fish situation: Generally speaking, the black hole is the water and the fish is rare, but due to the factors of the fish hole and the fish, the fish will be relatively concentrated in a certain area, and the density is relatively high. Going to Heikeng to go fishing is a fight between the angler, the owner and the fish in the water.), either put it back into the fish pit or weigh it separately.

At the same time, it is necessary to understand the source of the fish in the pit, the feed and the time of feeding, and infer the peak of fishing. The owner of the pit is making hands and feet on the scales, and there is often a shortfall. Especially the black pit, the accuracy of drifting is very high. .

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It is very likely that a small mouth will appear

As soon as the fish comes in, you won’t speak immediately. Once the fish enter the nest, the frequency should be appropriately slowed down. First of all, I used an 11-mesh wooden float for general fish conditions. 2. Second, the internal cause We can't control the external factors, it all depends on the colors of others, but the internal factors are controllable. B. Once you find that there is floating and flickering, it means that the fish enters the nest. C. The best thing is to have a lighter pole. Fewer people is the opportunity. Preparation Choose a good fishing position, open a nest and hand food first.

Long strands can be very useful in the following Wholesale fishing swivels situations: ⑴. It is very likely that a small mouth will appear. Personally, I prefer to use hard tails. It's also an improvement to communicate with each other! Discuss: Fishing is a systematic project. Then use the bait that you rubbed. Drizzle is also considered a good weather. The effect of attracting fish is very obvious. If you arrive, and someone else has spoken, it will be more difficult for you to start fishing and gather fish again. I am still here, trying to find out how to do it, not only gather a lot, but also keep it for a long time. (This is difficult to control, so practice more. Everyone can try, if you can figure this out, you will basically understand. If you make a nest, you can use the big one eye + rice wine + small medicine.

Balsamu: Recommend He Weilan, Tianyuan Nine consecutive championships, 98 Fishing King; B. Use a large hook distance. If you don’t move, you must toss the pole again and come again; this frequency is the process of attracting fish, and the smell of the atomization of the bait attracts fish. Not to mention, I really understand it. If we are hungry, we have to go in and buy some.

Then I can practice by looking at what others have learned. There are too many reasons for this pitfall. Of course, the amount is more difficult to grasp, basically 2-5%. Second, keep fish Whether the fish can be kept in the nest depends on whether the food is delicious. I immediately felt that it was my own technical problem. Thick grout. In this state, it is easy to disperse the nest. Let's continue to smoke, If there is a clear, powerful stop or blackout, then you can start fighting.

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Reservoirs and lakes in the natural state are mostly located in deep mountains

When fishing in the wild, it is also necessary to grasp the timing of fishing. In the beginning, it was definitely the small fish that advanced to the nest. In natural waters, the basic principle of using bait is: natural food as the mainstay, supplemented by artificial bait.

Practice has proved that some big fish that are difficult to catch during the day will be easily hooked at night. Generally speaking, during the summer and autumn seasons, from 5 am to 8 am and from 17 to 19 pm in the afternoon, the peak hours of fish feeding are both. If the bait is large and large, the target will be large.   

Five Tips for Wild Fishing_The fishing group should be reasonable, safe, and the fishing method should be flexible Fishing in the wild, the fishing group is not as particular about pool fishing and competitive fishing, and the fishing method is not static. Reservoirs and lakes in the natural state are mostly located in deep mountains, so the sunlight exposure time is short, and the water is relatively deep and the water temperature is still colder. At the same time, it’s easy to make mistakes.

When the fish enters the nest, they will stay in the nest if they can't finish eating at once. Because of this, wild fishing is more and more popular among fishing enthusiasts. At this time, the temperature rises, the earth fishing accessories tools Manufacturers warms, and the fish's appetite is strongest. At the same time, the diet of fish is very mixed. As time goes by, the fish will gather more and more. It is not foreseeable what kind of fish and how big a fish can be caught in one shot.   

Generally speaking, the fish on the large water surface are relatively scattered, and the fish have a wide range of activities. But because it is in the wild and in natural waters, it is not easy to get a good harvest. Under normal circumstances, the big fish eat vegetarian, the small fish eat meat. Those bays, grasses, pits, pools, horns, etc. Depending on the fish situation, different methods and methods are adopted, the purpose is to fish more and catch big fish.   

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It is equipped with various iron core molds and high-end and mid-end fishing rod metal fitting

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